8+ quotes from Penitence by Jennifer Laurens

Quotes from Penitence

Jennifer Laurens ·  311 pages

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“I can deal with anything, as long as I know it's the truth. It's the lies that are hard.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“You're the first girl who's had the guts to touch my controls.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“I want to be the one protecting you.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“You have the poutiest lips I've ever seen."

"Pouty?' I snorted. "Like I look bratty?"

"Like you look kissable.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“He nodded, his forehead fused with mine. "My head fogs when you kiss me like that. I can't think," he murmured.

"It does?" I grinned. "I like making your head fog." I kissed him again.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“You feel control drain away like sand falling from your fingertips. You can't hold onto it. It's gone. And so are you.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“But there you are. Helpless. Unable to defend yourself. Vulnerable. Victim.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

“Thirty minutes until I saw Weston. I shouldn't be this excited about a ride home.”
― Jennifer Laurens, quote from Penitence

About the author

Jennifer Laurens
Born place: Inglewood, California, The United States
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