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“I'd die of a broken heart before breaking yours.”
― Emm Cole, quote from Keeping Merminia

“Home is the place that expects the most of you, but still welcomes you at your worst. And she has always been my home, my Merminia.”
― Emm Cole, quote from Keeping Merminia

“I've misplaced it all, but I can't seem to lose my brother. It's a priceless gift--to have his love at a time when I've done nothing to earn it.”
― Emm Cole, quote from Keeping Merminia

“Nobody wants to admit that mermaids who survive the dangers of the ocean can still be defeated by their own pain." He links his fingers through mine. He squeezes my hand until I look back.

"A mermaid's heart is the most fragile thing in the sea. You've somehow managed to keep yours beating. The shield doesn't matter. What matters is you're a survivor.”
― Emm Cole, quote from Keeping Merminia

“No. Your thoughts are what make you. But your body isn't a meaningless thing either. Call me strange, but I think only the person you love the most should see you like that. And not here--in an ugly, dirty place--when you haven't even thought about it.”
― Emm Cole, quote from Keeping Merminia

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