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“Hm. Didn’t you use to be a lot smaller?”

“Yes,” said Jinx. “Because I used to be six.”
― quote from Jinx

“...if you spent all your time being protected, you never got to find out anything new.”
― quote from Jinx

“I was banished,” said Reven proudly.

“What for?” Elfwyn pressed.

“The king said I was anathema.”

“He doesn’t like athemas?”

“Anathema means, like, accursed,” said Jinx. “Probably it was for robbing people.”
― quote from Jinx

“I’m not sure how people drink out of skulls,” Jinx added. Calvin had too many holes in him to make a good cup.”
― quote from Jinx

“I’ll accompany you too, fair lady,” said Reven. “I would fain meet your grandmother.”

“You would what?” said Elfwyn.

“He means he’d like to,” said Jinx. Some of the books in Simon’s house used old-fashioned words like that.”
― quote from Jinx

“Many things in life are difficult," said Reven, choosing his words carefully. "But to those who persevere, all things are possible. ”
― quote from Jinx

“Life is dangerous," said Simon. "Young people need to see the world.”
― quote from Jinx

“The king killed his brother, who was actually king, so that he could be king. Then the dead king’s wife and baby disappeared, on account the baby would’ve been king, so the brother probably killed them, too. They do that kind of thing all the time, kings do. They can kill anybody they don’t like.”
― quote from Jinx

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“Love knows not distance; It hath no continent; Its eyes are for the stars.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Seven Sisters

“Since future times are facing toward us, the times following them are further in the future, and all future times follow the present. That is why the weeks to follow are the same as the weeks ahead of us.”
― George Lakoff, quote from Metaphors We Live By

“Those in whom the Spirit comes to live are God's new Temple. They are, individually and corporately, places where heaven and earth meet.”
― N.T. Wright, quote from Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense

“As we paint each other's nails Cinnamon Vixen, I consider telling her how bad things are at home. After she and Dan and Laura left for college, everything got worse. Mother's mood swings, Dad's violence, the name-calling at school.”
― Julia Scheeres, quote from Jesus Land: A Memoir

“Not a spoon clinked against a mug, not a creamer was popped, peeled and opened, not a breath. It was as though something else had joined them then. As though silence had taken a seat.”
― Louise Penny, quote from The Brutal Telling

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