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6+ quotes from Fludd by Hilary Mantel

Quotes from Fludd

Hilary Mantel ·  186 pages

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“Not a word, not a word of love, Prehaps, she thought, he does not love in the ordinary way. God loves us, after all, He manifests it in cancer, cholera, Siamese twins. Not all forms of love are comprehensible, and some forms of love destroy what they touch.”
― Hilary Mantel, quote from Fludd

“Innocence is a bleeding wound without a bandage, a wound that opens with every casual knock from casual passers-by. Experience is an armour.”
― Hilary Mantel, quote from Fludd

“God loves us, after all; He manifests it in cancer, cholera, Siamese twins. Not all forms of love are comprehensible, and some forms of love destroy what they touch”
― Hilary Mantel, quote from Fludd

“High spirits are a foolish waste in those destined for the chain gang of marriage and the mill”
― Hilary Mantel, quote from Fludd

“Christ died to free us from the burden of our sin, but he never, so far as [Sister Philomena:] could see, lifted a finger to free us from our stupidity”
― Hilary Mantel, quote from Fludd

“And they say [money's] the root of all evil. Well, Protestants say that. Catholics know better.”
― Hilary Mantel, quote from Fludd

About the author

Hilary Mantel
Born place: in Glossop, Derbyshire, England, The United Kingdom
Born date July 6, 1952
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