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Maya Banks ·  416 pages

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“Words are just words. The evidence is in how you act, how you react.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“You have more power, more control than you could possibly imagine. My heart is in your hands. That's not bullshit. I'm not saying stuff I think you want to hear in order to manipulate you. I can't be any more honest than this. I'm yours, baby. I'm putting it out there. My heart, my soul, it all belongs to you.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“No amount of saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I trust you’ makes it true when it isn’t.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Most of all, I want you to know without a doubt that I've got your back. And your front. And your sides. I've got all of you and I'm not letting go.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“He did and said all the right things. Things that went straight to her heart, and worse, they inspired the one thing that she'd given up along time ago. Hope.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Never run out on me again. No matter what happens, you stay and fight. Yell at me, argue, throw something at me, whatever you want to do, but never walk away from me. Promise me that.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“God, you have a beautiful laugh, and your smile. Jesus, it knocks the breath out of me."
"You can't talk to me like that, nobody says things like that to a woman he just met. It's insane."
"I just did. And I plan to keep saying them until you believe every word.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Seeing you happy is the best gift I could ever ask for.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Holy shit,' Ash murmured.
'Oh, it gets worse.'
Ash lifted an eyebrow.
'Yeah, apparently when I decide to be an asshole, I go all the way.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“You hold your head up. You submitting to me doesn't mean you're anything less...the very last thing I want is for you to be some mindless puppet.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“But if I lost you, it would devastate me as nothing else has or ever could. You have so much power over me and that’s frightening.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“And you look beautiful without it, but I want you to feel just as beautiful as I see you.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Life was sweet. Even when it was bad, there was always the hope of better...the future.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“She was too well acquainted with the way things work in real life. Real life sucked. But it was real. It was unapologetic. It made no excuses. It just was.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Gabe thinks I look sexy,' she announced when Jace stopped in front of them. 'And he totally said you'd fuck me in these shoes.' She stopped and frowned, her thoughts suddenly muddled. 'Or maybe it was Mia who said you'd fuck me. Either way, I wanna be fucked in these shoes.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“God, you have a beautiful laugh, and your smile. Jesus, it knocks the breath out of me.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“I don’t want to disappoint you. I don’t want to let you down. And I don’t want to embarrass you in front of the people you love.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“I’m not going to hurt you, damn it.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“My heart is in your hands.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Don’t let me go Jace. I’m lost without you.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“I know I’m asking a lot, but I need for you to be able to ignore me when I’m pissed and saying shit that hurts you. I’ll try like hell not to do it, but I know me.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Jace groaned. 'Baby, you have to stop. I'm more than happy to fuck you any way you want but can we please leave Gabe and Mia out of this?'
She nodded. 'Or maybe I'll fuck you.' She brightened at that idea and then her eyes narrowed fuzzily on Jace. 'Can I do that?”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“You know what? Fuck you man. Cant believe you’d come in here like this, especially after all we had to say in the office today.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“I want to go to school. College. Get a degree. I want to make a difference.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Life works however the hell you make it work.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“I'm not saying this is going toe easy. I'll make mistakes. You'll make mistakes, mostly about trying to draw attention to the differences between us. I realize it'll take time for you to get over this mind-set that you're somehow not good enough for me. It pisses me off, but I get that you can't change a lifetime of seeing yourself the way you do overnight. But I'm going to work on it and wear you down.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Nothing worth having is ever easy. And you don't get things without fighting for them.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

“Care? He didn't care. He loved her.”
― Maya Banks, quote from Fever

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