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Rosamunde Pilcher ·  977 pages

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“Alone. She realized how much she had missed the luxury of solitude, and knew that its occasional comfort would always be essential to her. The pleasure of being on one's own was not so much spiritual as sensuous, like wearing silk, or swimming without a bathing suit, or walking along a totally empty beach with the sun on your back. One was restored by solitude. Refreshed.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“Other people's houses were always fascinating. As soon as you went through the door for the first time, you got the feel of the atmosphere, and so discovered something about the personalities of the people who lived there.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“She yawned and stretched, and settled back again on her pillows and thought how perfect it would be if sleep could not only restore one but iron out all anxieties in the same process, so that one could wake with a totally clear and untroubled mind, as smooth and empty as a beach, washed and ironed by the outgoing tide.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“Being financially secure is truly a life-enhancer; it sweetly oils the wheels of life. But remember: to talk of money, the excess of it or the lack of it, is vulgar to the extreme. One either boasts or whines, and neither makes for good conversation.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“She supposed she missed him, but it was not easy to go on missing a person when life had been lived without him for so long, with the only contact his monthly letters, which were three weeks old when they arrived, and not very inspiring even then.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“clangour of bells, no distant tinkle”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“Just remember that the most important thing is to be truthful to yourself. If you hang on to that, you won’t go far wrong.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

“She always answered the questions in a vague fashion, partly because she didn’t want to discuss the matter, and partly because she didn’t know exactly how she did feel. Only that she had known, always, that life would be like this, because this was how it was for every British India family, and the children absorbed and accepted the fact that, from an early age, long separations and partings would, eventually, be inevitable.”
― Rosamunde Pilcher, quote from Coming Home

About the author

Rosamunde Pilcher
Born place: in Lelant, Cornwall, England, The United Kingdom
Born date September 22, 1924
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