Quotes from As the Crow Flies

Jeffrey Archer ·  800 pages

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“إن سعيت لإخفاء أصلك فلن يعود عليك ذلك إلا بالندم”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“إن الناس لا يحبون المتاجر الخالية ، هكذا كان يقول أبي ، إنهم يشعرون بداخلها بعدم الأمان”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“لا تسعى لخداع رجل مسن يعلم أن الموت لا يمكن أن يكون بعيدًا”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“يجب أن تعرض منتجاتك لا أن تبقى على أمل أن يراها الزبائن مصادفة”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“المعلومات أنها العمود الفقري لأي عمل”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“أن الشخص لا يستطيع أن يعيش بالخبز وحده”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“Granpa just groaned and said, “I don’t want you to end up workin’ in the East End, young ’un. You’re far too good to be a barrow boy for the rest of your life.” It made me sad to hear him speak like that; he didn’t seem to understand that was all I wanted to do.”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“an apple is an apple whoever bites it.”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“from around his neck started to undo the buttons on the front of his”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

“God bless the Scots and their puritan upbringing,”
― Jeffrey Archer, quote from As the Crow Flies

About the author

Jeffrey Archer
Born place: in London, The United Kingdom
Born date April 15, 1940
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