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13+ quotes from Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Quotes from Uninvited

Sophie Jordan ·  384 pages

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“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“Never forget that we are more than the genetic code. We can be more than labels applied to us. We can be more than what others whisper behind our backs. Free will exists. We need to choose to be the best we can be and we need to help others do the same. Believe in yourself.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“Ironic. I'm here because of my inherent dangerousness, but it's my inherent politeness that makes me put up with this. With him.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“Leaning down, he whispers for my ears alone. “Prove them wrong.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“Exactly what he wanted me to do. Exactly what they all thought I would do. Everyone in here. Everyone out there in the world. A world so afraid of carriers, it makes killers out of the innocent.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“Feeling his heart, it occurs to me that it beats just like everyone else’s. Like mine.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“I am what everyone always thought. A killer.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“My imprint is there for the world to see. I don’t try to hide it with my hair or a high collar. When I got ready for school this morning, I kept thinking of Sean. How proud he appears. Unapologetic. And I want to be like that. I don’t want to look cowed or ashamed. I may not want to be this, but I don’t want to be that girl, either. I don’t want to be afraid.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“A world so afraid of carriers, it makes killers out of the innocent.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“All my life people have called me gifted. Extraordinary. Blessed. I had all these dreams to become something. Someone. No one ever said I couldn’t. No one ever said Killer.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“For some reason I hesitate to tell him where I live. I don’t want to come across as the spoiled little rich girl that’s fallen low. Even if I am.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“No one to trust. No friends. A life of silence broken only with music.”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

“Miguel: We’ve only gone over 100x! Mika: K—gonna roc!! Billy: Glad ur babysitting, dumbass. U know how 2 shoot, right? Mika: Screw u! Kevin: Cut the crap—stay focused treat us like animals we’ll show them animals Mika: Hear that! Miguel: Payback a bitch!”
― Sophie Jordan, quote from Uninvited

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