Quotes from The Fireman Who Loved Me

Jennifer Bernard ·  373 pages

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“When I love, I love hard. You’re stuck with me for good. In your news report, you didn’t say what happened at the end of the bumpy ride. You didn’t say what it takes to break the curse. But I know. True Love. the kind that doesn’t go away because of a few disasters along the way. I love you, Melissa.”
― Jennifer Bernard, quote from The Fireman Who Loved Me

“Nelly as a handful of hell-on-earth”
― Jennifer Bernard, quote from The Fireman Who Loved Me

“What a grand joke the world was. You spend years fretting and plotting, only to find, in the end, that everything was going to be just fine, with or without you.”
― Jennifer Bernard, quote from The Fireman Who Loved Me

“her skin nearly transparent, as if her body was halfway to heaven already, with only her fierce, eaglelike gaze left behind.”
― Jennifer Bernard, quote from The Fireman Who Loved Me

“Emily Dickinson’s words filled the chapel. “ ‘Hope is the thing with feathers”
― Jennifer Bernard, quote from The Fireman Who Loved Me

About the author

Jennifer Bernard
Born place: Minneapolis , The United States
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