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11+ quotes from The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander

Quotes from The Castle of Llyr

Lloyd Alexander ·  174 pages

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“...alas, raising a young lady is a mystery even beyond an enchanter's skill.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“Perhaps,' Taran said quietly, watching the moon-white riverbank slip past them, 'perhaps you have the truth of it. At first I felt as you did. Then I remember thinking of Eilonwy, only of her; and the bauble showed its light. Prince Rhun was ready to lay down his life; his thoughts were for our safety, not at all for his own. And because he offered the greatest sacrifice, the bauble glowed brightest for him. Can that be its secret? To think more for others than ourselves?'

That would seem to be one of its secrets, at least,' replied Fflewddur. 'Once you've discovered that, you've discovered a great secret indeed--with or without the bauble.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“For man to be worthy of any rank, he must strive first to be a man.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“What! I don't care about being a princess! And since I'm already a young lady, how else could I behave? That's like asking a fish not to swim!"
~Princess Eilonwy, daughter of Angharad, daughter of Regat, of the Royal house of Llyr”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“A grower of turnups Or shaper of clay, a commot Farmer or a king-Every man is a hero if he strives more for others than for himself alone.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“Don't frown so, you'll look old before your time.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“Well," said Eilonwy, "you can't blame Rhun for being born. I mean, you could, but that wouldn't help matters. It's like kicking a rock with your bare foot.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“Don't pout that way, my child, you'll give yourself a blister.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“I fear I our good dwarf has lost his taste for adventure. I managed to get word to him, thinking he might come along with me for the sport of it. He sent back a message. All it said was 'Humph!”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“I can't say I'm unhappy about it,' added the bard, 'I get along well enough with mice, and I've always been found of birds, but when you put the two together I'd just as soon avoid them.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

“It may be," replied Coll, smiling, "we know least what we treasure most. But we will have more than enough to keep us busy when you come back, and you will learn, my boy, there is nothing like work to put the heart at rest.”
― Lloyd Alexander, quote from The Castle of Llyr

About the author

Lloyd Alexander
Born place: in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The United States
Born date January 30, 1924
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