Quotes from Rajmund

D.B. Reynolds ·  260 pages

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“So that means you are almost old enough to be my grandfather." Raj laughed, Your great, great, grandfather, more likely, but whose counting?”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

“...Please tell me it's not like eighty degrees in Malibu."
"It's not. It's raining, which means the natives are convinced the end is near and are engaged in ritual auto pileups in an attempt to appease the angry gods.”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

“Look at me, Sarah." She did. "What ever it is, whatever is going on...it can't be that bad. I'm a vampire sweetheart. I drink human blood on a regular basis. What can you possibly have to tell me that could top that?”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

“Tread lightly, little one." He warned. "You don't want to push me. Not tonight." Her eyes darkened with anger, narrowing as she met his gaze. "Really? And why is that Raj?"..."I am tired of you thinking you have the right to control me. You are not my boyfriend, and you sure as hell are not my keeper, so from where I stand, you've got no claim on me what so ever. Like the song says, you don't want me for yourself so let me find someone else. It's shit or get off the pot time, Raj. It's now or never, Time to-" She gave a shriek as Raj swung an arm around her waist and lifted her off her feet. He threaded the fingers of one hand through her hair and pulled it aside, freeing the long line of her neck. "Then I choose now," he growled and sank his fangs into the velvet skin of her neck puncturing the fragile walls of her jugular.”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

“I've done nothing lately that was bad, and YOU are hardly helpless and probably not that innocent either.”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

“Raj!' the vampire said, 'I heard you were in town. What's up big guy?'............"'Loose the human, Kent.' Raj growled.”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

“Raj leaned over from the driver's seat to give her a quick, hard kiss. 'Don't think so hard sweetheart. I'm not dangerous.' He spun the wheel in a tight circle, taking them past the startled valets and out of the parking lot. 'Not to you anyway,' he muttered.”
― D.B. Reynolds, quote from Rajmund

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