Quotes from Mr. Murder

Dean Koontz ·  493 pages

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“Was the dividing line between life and fiction as hazy for other people as it was for a writer?”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“En el punto donde esperanza y razón se separan reside el lugar en que la locura se dispara.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“She wondered what it was about storytelling that made people want it almost as much as food and water, even more so in bad times than good. Movies had never drawn more patrons than during the Great Depression. Book sales often improved in a recession. The need went beyond a mere desire for entertainment and distraction from one's troubles. It was more profound and mysterious than that.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“I'm serious,' he said, though aware of how odd it was that he should choose to inform his wife of a personal crisis by comparing it to the experiences of a mystery novel heroine whom he had created. Was the dividing line between life and fiction as hazy for other people as it sometimes was for a writer? And if so... was there a book in that idea?”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“Laugh at tyrants and the tragedy they inflict. Such men welcome our tears as evidence of subservience, but our laughter condemns them to ignominy.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“Toda vida es una novela. La escribimos a medida que la vivimos.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“the basic problem with the average man and woman was precisely that they were so average and that there were so many of them, taking far more than they gave to the world, quite incapable of managing their own lives intelligently let alone society, government, the economy, and the environment”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

“if the House and Senate wouldn’t write laws to force the courts to do so, then judges and politicians couldn’t be counted on to protect anyone, anywhere, at any time.”
― Dean Koontz, quote from Mr. Murder

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Dean Koontz
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