26+ quotes from Marked by P.C. Cast

Quotes from Marked

P.C. Cast ·  306 pages

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“Actually, since I'm gay I think I should count for two guys instead of just one. I mean, in me you get the male point of view and you don't have to worry about me wanting to touch your boobies.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Don't you think baby corns are scary? There's just something wrong about their midget bodies.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Before I could cry or scream I whirled around and stalked to my bedroom,slamming the door behind me.
I hope they all drown.

"Zoey your mother and I need to speak with you."
Great. Clearly they didn't drown.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Nice dress Zoey. It looks just like mine. Oh, wait! It used to be mine.

Aphrodite laughed a throaty, I'm-so-grown-and-you're-just-a-kid laugh.

I really hate it when girls do that.I mean, yes, she's older, but I have boobs, too.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“If I died, would it get me out of my geometry test tomorrow? One could only hope.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“I've found that the way a person feels about cats-and the way they feel about him or her in return-is usually an excellent gauge by which to measure a person's character”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“He's not the brightest crayola in the pack.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“You are old beyond your years Zoeybird. Believe in yourself and you will find a way. But remember darkness does not always equate to evil just like light does not always bring good.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“...Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“I'm going to remember this, I told myself sternly. I'm going to remember how awful they made me feel today. So when I'm scared and alone and whatever else is going to happen to me starts to happen, I'm going to remember that nothing about be as bad as being stuck here.Nothing.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“The problem, of course, was that turning into a monster was the brighter of my two choices. Choice Number 1: I turn into a vampyre, which equals a monster in just about any human’s mind. Choice Number 2: My body rejects the Change and I die. Forever.

So the good news is that I wouldn’t have to take the geometry test tomorrow.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Kayla Robinson, if you don't shut up I'll fly down there and suck every last bit of blood from your stupid cheating cow body!”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Do vampyres play chess? Were there vampyre dorks? How about Barbie-like vampyre cheerleaders? Did any vampyres play in the band? Were there vampyre Emos with their guy-wearing-girl’s-pants weirdness and those awful bangs that cover half their faces? Or were they all those freaky Goth kids who didn’t like to bathe much? Was I going to turn into a Goth kid? Or worse, an Emo? I didn’t particularly like wearing black, at least not exclusively, and I wasn’t feeling a sudden and unfortunate aversion to soap and water, nor did I have an obsessive desire to change my hairstyle and wear too much eyeliner.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“If I died, would it get me out of my geometry test tomorrow? One could only hope." - Zoey Mongomery (Redbird)”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“And kissing him is like sucking on alcohol-soaked feet.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“no matter what bullshit you heard, hes still mine! he'll always be mine”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Bask in your uniqueness, revel in your strenght. We stand separate from the world because of our gifts. never forget that, because you may be sure the world never will”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“And then something truly bizarre happened. I could feel his touch through our eyes. I couldn't look away from him. The girl in front of him seemed to disappear, and all there was in the hallway was him and the sweet, beautiful smell of his blood.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Darkness does not always equal bad and Light does not always mean good.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Beautiful, see the cloud, the cloud appear. Beautiful, see the rain, the rain draw near...”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“Clearly, the Goddess has a sense of humor.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“You are special. Accept that about yourself, and you will begin to understand there is true power in your uniqueness.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“I’ve found that the way a person feels about cats—and the way they feel about him or her in return—is usually an excellent gauge by which to measure a person’s character.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“I want you to live as you would be remembered if you would die tomorrow,”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“She wasn't thin like the freak girls who puked and starved themselves into what they thought was Paris Hilton chic. ("That's hott." Yeah, okay, whatever, Paris.)”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

“I clamped down on the sick, hurt feeling inside that threatened to make me burst into tears. My eyes dried instantly. I was good at hiding tears. I should be; I'd had three years to get good at it.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Marked

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