7+ quotes from Frostfire by Amanda Hocking

Quotes from Frostfire

Amanda Hocking ·  321 pages

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“Remember my name. Because I'm going to be the one who kills you.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

“Before when we were talking, were you asking why her?" The aurora above us reflected on his face, and his dark eyes were filled with heat. "Or were you asking why not you?”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

“I love it when you talk clean to me, quoting training manuals like sonnets.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

“I'll always have your back,” Ridley said with a wry smile. “Or any part of your body.”
I rolled my eyes and smiled despite myself. “Way to ruin a perfectly nice moment, Ridley.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

“You don‟t need that on your conscience.”
“His death I could handle. It's his life that I don‟t need weighing on me.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

“He smelled of cold. Like ice and snow on the harshest days of winter.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

“Justice? Does that mean you'll drag them back here? Or are you going to kill them all?”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Frostfire

About the author

Amanda Hocking
Born place: in Austin, Minnesota, The United States
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