Quotes from Prince of Thieves

Chuck Hogan ·  384 pages

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“Even if a thing is doomed—there is that moment of absurd hope that is worth the fall, that is worth everything.”
― Chuck Hogan, quote from Prince of Thieves

“Thinking about drinking now was like fantasizing about the perfect crime. How he would do it—if he were going to do it.”
― Chuck Hogan, quote from Prince of Thieves

“I'm a fucking porcupine with points.”
― Chuck Hogan, quote from Prince of Thieves

“At root, the business of baseball was no better or different from the movies or from church: put on a show, promise people something transcendent, and then bleed the suckers dry.”
― Chuck Hogan, quote from Prince of Thieves

“He was backing away behind cover fire with the engaged smile of a teenager seeing his violent daydreams come true.”
― Chuck Hogan, quote from Prince of Thieves

“nine times out of ten, romance is a problem, not a solution.”
― Chuck Hogan, quote from Prince of Thieves


About the author

Chuck Hogan
Born place: in Boston, Massachusetts, The United States
Born date August 4, 1967
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“I was feeling pretty raw about my own species because we presume to draw a distinction between what we call good and what we call evil. We find our images of what we call evil in things outside ourselves, in creatures that know nothing of such matters, so that we can feel revolted by them, and, by contrast, good about ourselves.”
― Douglas Adams, quote from Last Chance to See

“See, the same old Ella still lives.” He grins… “She just needed a little push out.”…
“No, she doesn’t. She’s gone forever.”
“Try all you want, but I’m bringing her back,”
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“Hay 3 cosas que siempre vamos a preferir: lo bueno, lo útil y lo placentero.”
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“In the end, you have to let things go. The things you regret are the things you hold on to.”
― John Connolly, quote from Every Dead Thing

“For one of the odd things about death, Trudy has discovered, is that in its wake one must go about business as usual; it seems heartless and wrong, but now that the rituals of mourning have been attended to, the sole task left to Trudy is to try and comprehend the enormity of thes sudden change.”
― Jenna Blum, quote from Those Who Save Us

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